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Graduate School

A key feature of the partnership is its flexibility. DTP-funded students can undertake one of several different types of PhD/DPhil course on offer in any area within the remit of the Medical Research Council.

Approximately 25 new PhD/DPhil students are funded each year through the partnership, undertaking projects in a wide range of areas, with a particular focus on four areas.

A DTP-funded student can undertake one of two main types of PhD or DPhil. A direct-entry PhD/DPhil, where you begin your main research project at the outset, or a structured PhD/DPhil where you undertake rotations through 2 or 3 laboratories in your first year before selecting your final project. 

How to Apply

MRC DTP funding is awarded annually through the Medical Sciences Graduate School Studentship Competition. In order to be considered, applicants must apply to the relevant course by the early January deadline. Possible supervisors/projects can be identified through the Medical Sciences Graduate School and course websites. Candidates that apply for projects/supervisors that align with MRC research priorities, and provide training in one or more of the MRC priority skills, will be considered for MRC DTP funding. As part of the assessment process, candidates will be assessed for eligibility for MRC funding. Candidates that are not eligible will be considered for funding from other sources.

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