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Graduate School

Programmes in Experimental Psychology and Psychiatry offer opportunities to research social, cognitive and emotional psychological processes in both health and in mental disorders.

Oxford has particular strengths in developmental psychology and disorders, language and communication, action selection and decision-making, attention and cognition, and research into psychological illnesses including depression and bipolar disorder, psychoses and its features, anxiety and trauma.  The range of opportunities encompasses laboratory methods with the range of techniques offered by contemporary cognitive neuroscience including imaging, brain stimulation, neuropsychology, psychopharmacology and genetics.

Strong ties between Experimental Psychology and Psychiatry in Oxford facilitate opportunties to work on translational projects that apply basic research to answer questions about the mechanisms that sustain and confer risk for psychological problems (across the lifespan) and mechanisms that might allow psychological and pharmacological treatments to work. The multi-disciplinary character of this research ensures that our programmes offer rich and exciting opportunities for post-graduate scientific training.

The Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training runs a 3 year Doctoral course in Clinical Psychology that includes a substantial research programme.

Supervisors in Psychology and Psychiatry

Anne Aimola Davies
David Bannerman
Timothy Behrens
Janine Bijsterbosch
Sonia Bishop
Rafal Bogacz
Lucy Bowes
Sven Braeutigam
Holly Bridge
Philip Burnet
Tom Burns
Steven Chance
Grant Churchill
Roi Cohen Kadosh
Zafra Cooper
Molly Crockett
Ann Dowker
Klaus Ebmeier
Anke Ehlers
Mike English
Colin Espie
Seena Fazel
John Geddes
Guy Goodwin
Paul Harrison
Keith Hawton
Miles Hewstone
Emily Holmes
Masud Husain
Mark Jenkinson
Morten Kringelbach
Simon Kyle
Kate Nation
Kia Nobre
Andrew Parker
Brian Parkinson
Kim Plunkett
Matthew Rushworth
Gaia Scerif
Rebecca Sitsapesan
Hannah Smithson
Alan Stein
Simon Stringer
Irene Tracey
Tim Vogels
Mark Walton
Kate Watkins
Caleb Webber
Nick Yeung