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Applying to the Nuffield Oxford Hospitals Fund (NOHF)

Complete the online NOHF application form

Download the accompanying signatures form (for completing and uploading as part of the online application form).

Please ensure that your online application is submitted, accompanied by a completed signatures form, by 31 January at the latest. Late applications will not normally be accepted.

Every application must demonstrate that it fulfils the requirement that it is for “the raising of the standard of the Hospital or Hospitals concerned in order to assist the development and carrying on of the Oxford University Medical School”.  

Applicants should note that research projects are not normally funded (other than through Oxfordshire Health Services Research Committee (OHSRC)) and that Trustees may wish to inspect projects on completion. 

How to complete the form

  1. There is a separate signature form which should be completed and uploaded into your final application as a pdf or jpeg.  Please ask your Finance Officer (who will raise Purchase Orders and an invoice to claim the grant from NOHF on completion), Clinical Lead (if appropriate) or Head of the University Department to which you are attached to complete and sign the appropriate sections. Unsigned forms will be returned for completion. You will receive an acknowledgement after the closing date. The Trustees do not allocate grants of less than £5,000. Amounts granted vary, and it is expected that the total amount available each year will be about £450k.
  2. If your application is for a contribution towards a Project or Building, then not all of Sections B and C will be appropriate. In that case, please prepare a case of need of no more than two sides of A4 and upload to the submitted online application. This case should state very clearly the purpose for which funds are required. Please also complete Sections A and D.
  3. Wherever appropriate, please enclose a quotation from a supplier/contractor. You should consult Clinical Engineering, email, about clinical equipment purchase, or your Trust's Estates Dept or University Estates about buildings.  Please bear in mind current safety requirements, British Standards and revenue and maintenance costs will result from the grant. Please attach a letter from your Trust's Director of Finance or University Head of Department assuring the NOHF Trustees that on-going costs will be provided from the Trust or the University as appropriate.
  4. NOHF is a registered charity, so some items may be zero-rated for VAT purposes:  seek advice from your Finance Office.  If you wish your grant to cover VAT, please state so clearly in Section B.
  5. If you require any further advice on this matter, please contact the Secretary of NOHF, Angela Truesdale (

Other information and timetable

After the closing date, applications will be assessed via the Medical Sciences Divisional Office, and then put to the NOHF Trustees at their annual meeting in May or June. Their recommendations must be endorsed by the Nuffield Medical Trustees, and applicants will be told of the results in late June or early July.

The Trustees reserve the right to cancel grants which are unspent 18 months from the date of the approval letter. 

Successful applicants will be required to submit a brief report (250 - 500 words) at the end of each project.