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NOHF is a registered charity and was originally funded by Lord Nuffield in 1937.

The objective of the charity are for:

“the raising of the standard of the Hospital or Hospitals concerned in order to assist the development and carrying on of the Oxford University Medical School”.  

Applicants should note that research projects are not normally funded (other than through Oxfordshire Health Services Research Committee - OHSRC).

The annual funds available are approximately £450,000 and bids are considered and grants awarded by the Trustees in May/June of each year. Recently grants have been awarded in the £10,000 to £40,000 range. The Trustees do not allocate grants for less than £5,000.

2023 round of Nuffield Oxford Hospitals Fund

The 2023 round is now closed.

Previously funded NOHF projects

Chromebooks on desks in the pop up assessment space in the Examination SchoolPop-up Assessment Space System

In 2021, Nuffield Oxford Hospitals Fund provided funding to purchase 36 additional chromebooks, helping to ensure that all medical students in a year group are able to sit an examination in a single sitting.


NDORMS Seminar Room with a refreshed setupRefreshing Audio Visual Equipment

In 2021, Nuffield Oxford Hospitals Fund provided funding to update audio visual equipment used for medical teaching, enabling hybrid teaching to take place.


 Students interviewing professional interpreters Educational films to enhance teaching of medical students

In 2021, Nuffield Oxford Hospitals Fund provided funding to produce a bank of educational films to enhance the teaching of medical students.


In recent years, examples of grants awarded were for:

  • Educational textbooks/online journals
  • 3D printer (anatomical models)
  • Interactive whiteboard for teaching
  • AR and VR augmented reality equipment
  • Upgrading AV capabilities for training
  • Cameras/AV linkage for operating microscopes for teaching
  • Refurbishment of Oxford Clinical School Museum
  • Medical simulators
  • Seminar room refurbishment
  • IT and training facilities to support medical education
  • Equipment for student training
  • Annual budget to the Oxfordshire Health Services Research Committee (OHSRC)