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Please read before you start answering questions

  • Please only submit one project per form.
  • Please note that this online application form cannot be saved and returned to, so please do not start completing it until you have all the information required to hand, including a completed signatures form.
  • As part of this online application form, you will be asked to upload signatures from various parties. Signatures are required from the applicant, the Finance Officer (who will raise Purchase Orders and issue an invoice to the NOHF claiming the grant following completion), and where appropriate, the Lead Clinician and the Head of the appropriate university department. To enable this, a downloadable signature form is available here. Once you have obtained the necessary signatures, please upload the completed signatures form in Section D below.
  • Once you submit your NOHF application, you will receive a copy of your submission to the email address you enter below.

Read about the Nuffield Oxford Hospitals Fund

Instructions for applying to the Nuffield Oxford Hospitals Fund

Please specify complete working system, and do not forget the cost of components, etc. Please enclose quotation from supplier if available and upload into the application online as either a pdf or jpeg.
Please attach quotation from supplier if available
Please state clearly whether you wish the grant to cover VAT. Some items may be VAT-exempt – consult your Finance Office for advice.
If there are other non-equipment items to be included in your grant, e.g building work, insert cost and Grand Total cost here.
Please show how this case of need fulfils the requirement in the Trust Deed for the Nuffield Oxford Hospitals Fund, which states: “Every scheme submitted must fulfil the requirement that it is for the raising of the standard of the Hospital or Hospitals concerned in order to assist the development and carrying on of the Oxford University Medical School.” Please use the space given here.
If you would like to attach a separate full case of need you may do so here.
If this is clinical equipment, please consult Clinical Engineering (email
What consumables need to be purchased to keep this equipment going? Please list items, amounts, suppliers, and annual cost.
If electricity, what power rating is needed?
Are the staff hours already available?
Signatures are required from the applicant, the budget-holder, where appropriate the lead clinician, and in every case the Head of the appropriate University Department. When the form is complete, with signatures, quotations, etc, please upload below. The signatures form is available to download at the top of this page.