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Yes. We will normally expect candidates to have Chemistry A-level (or equivalent qualification*), unless they have a first degree in either Chemistry or Biochemistry. The medical course makes no provision to teach A-level science. It should be quite easy for graduates to bring themselves up to the level of competence required, and to take an A-level during the year before they start the course. We will normally expect two science A-levels (including chemistry), and GCSE in biology or dual-award science, or equivalent.

*Equivalent qualifications to Chemistry A-level

International Baccalaureate

Chemistry at Higher Level

Scottish Advanced Higher

Chemistry at Scottish Advanced Higher level

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma

To include units in Chemistry

Irish Leaving Certificate

Leaving Certificate with Chemistry at Higher level

Welsh Baccalaureate

Chemistry at A-level as part of the qualification

European Baccalaureate

To include Chemistry

Other qualifications

We welcome applications from those studying towards qualifications other than those listed here, as long as they are considered equivalent to A-levels - in terms of both content and achievement.

We advise all non-A-level applicants to make it clear on their UCAS application form that they meet our requirements i.e. all subjects studied, and at what level, should be specified.

The University has provided some guidance on qualifications required from international applicants, see the  University listing of international qualifications.

Please note that, regardless of which accepted qualification is offered, we will require applicants to achieve particular excellence in Chemistry (compulsory), plus at least one from Biology, Physics and Mathematics.

Any applicants genuinely unsure of their eligibility for the course should contact for guidance.