Oxford has two medical courses:

  • an accelerated course (taking four years to qualification) for graduates in specified science subjects;
  • a standard course (normally taking six years to qualification, but graduates may complete the course in five years), which is designed for school-leavers, but for which graduates may apply.

The standard (five/six-year) course is open to graduates in any subject, but no places are reserved specifically for graduates, and so such applicants are in direct competition with school-leavers. The standard course includes an option to move to another school for the final three years, for clinical teaching. The four-year course is open only to graduates in applied or experimental science; the course is shorter, but much more intensive and there is no option to move to another school for clinical training.

Both routes lead to the same final qualification, the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (BM BCh); and the two courses share the same final two years of the Oxford clinical training.

These pages describe the four-year course: written information about the standard (five/six-year) course is available separately, and details of all courses are available on the Study Medicine web site.