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No. This is a very intensive course, and we will need some evidence of real academic strength; but we are also looking for the right personal qualities (as detailed in the selection criteria on this website). Someone with clear aptitude/commitment to Medicine with a 2:1 degree will have a better chance than someone with a top First who cannot interact with other people. We are also aware that external circumstances might have meant that your degree result does not reflect your true ability, and we are usually willing to take into account supporting evidence from your referees on this point. However, we do need evidence of real academic strength: candidates whose best achievement is a 2:2 degree, even if they have excellent personal qualities, will not succeed on this course, though they may make excellent doctors through training on another course that is better suited to them.

Please note also that selection is competitive and based on several factors; there is no particular standard, academic or any other, that will guarantee you a place on the course or on the shortlist for interview.