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Please note that the deadline for applications to join the course in September 2023 has now passed.

Applications must be made both through UCAS (online) and direct to the University (on a supplementary form): so, two forms to complete. In addition, you must register for the BMAT entrance test. The UCAS application window will open in late May 2023. The closing date for applications to Oxford is 16th October 2023

  • Your UCAS form should be completed online, and must list Oxford as one of your choices: the course code for the fast-track medical course is A101 (the course title is BMBCh4). You must complete your UCAS application by 16th October 2023 for the course beginning in September 2024. If you wish to express a preference for a particular college, you should do so on your UCAS form. (You may register a first choice college on this form.)
  • The Supplementary Application Form for the University will be available online from 1st September 2023, together with notes explaining how to complete your application. The application form must be completed by 6pm, 16th October 2023. (Sorry, but we can't consider applications that arrive after that date. Please also note that we cannot consider applications that are incomplete: you must complete both a UCAS application and an Oxford application form.) The application form includes questions related to why you wish to study medicine here.  Please note that you are required to identify your two additional referees on the form but that you are responsible for asking them to submit a reference on your behalf. Referees will not receive an invitation to provide a reference on submission of the Supplementary Application Form.
  • Applicants are asked to provide their two supplementary referees with details of the online reference form (the form will become available on 1st September 2023). Please note that referees will need to have an applicant’s email address and UCAS number in order to complete the form. Applicants will receive an automated email when a reference has been submitted on their behalf.

    Referees are asked to complete the form and not to submit letters of reference to us directly.

  • An admissions test forms part of our selection process. We will use the BMAT, details of which are available from the BMAT website: this web site also describes the registration procedure for the test. The purpose of the test is to give us a single common point of comparison between all candidates. You must register for this test before you submit your application to the course. The test will take place on Wednesday 18th October 2023. Please note that the deadline for registration for the BMAT is Friday 29th September 2023.

  • The Admissions Panel can consider Extenuating Circumstances that may have impacted upon previous academic performance.

    To provide information about specific and relevant circumstances, applicants are required both to complete a brief online form (which will open on 1 September 2023) and to supply a letter to provide details of the circumstances concerned (with third-party evidence where available). The letter (and any evidence) must be sent by email to using ‘Extenuating Circumstances_[applicant surname]’ as the email subject. This form will close at 6pm (UK time) on 22nd October 2023; emailed letters must also have been received by this deadline in order to be considered. Information sent after the deadline will not be considered.

    The form/email address must not be used to notify us of any issues relating to the BMAT. Applicants should instead contact Cambridge Assessment (who operate the test) via their published procedures.

  • Shortlisting will take place during November and interviews will take place in December (exact dates will be published in due course). You must be available for interview on the published dates: candidates are not admitted without interview, and it is not possible to arrange interviews at times other than those designated. Please note that this will apply to all applicants regardless of location.