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... and a note about qualifications

Applications are made through UCAS, with an additional set of forms sent directly to Oxford (these additional forms are available online, from the link on the application summary page). You must submit a complete application (i.e., to UCAS and to Oxford) in order to be considered for a place. The four-year course has its own UCAS code (A101) and title (BMBCh4). The closing date for applications is 6pm, 15th October, though you must register for the BMAT entrance test before that date (the key dates for registration are shown on the summary of the application procedure page).

You may wish to express a preference for a particular college. As noted in the prospectus, not all colleges offer places on the fast-track course: see a list of college that offer places. You may choose to name a preferred college on your UCAS application form, or alternatively, you may elect not to express a preference: in this case, a college will be chosen for you in such a way as to even out the number of applications between colleges as far as possible.

Please note that the selection process includes a short aptitude test (the BMAT) and a set of interviews. The test is administered by an independent body, and details are available online on the BMAT website. You must take the test in the year of your application (i.e., in November of the same year as your October application), even if you have taken a similar test during this year or in a previous year. You must also be available to come to Oxford for the interviews, if required: there are no exceptions to this rule, and we will not offer you a place if you cannot come for interview.

Please note also that notification to candidates of decisions about interviews and selection is the responsibility of colleges: if you have any questions about your interview or about whether you have been offered a place, you should normally contact your college, not the Admissions Office. (One exception to this rule: if you submitted an open application and you need to ask about your interview, then you should contact the Admissions Office.)


The course is currently open only to graduates in applied and experimental science, including bioscience, chemistry, experimental physics and engineering.  We are looking for graduates who have some understanding of scientific processes, not for people with a particular subset of factual knowledge. 

See guidance about Undergraduate degree requirements.