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Not necessarily: about a quarter to a third of our applicants are still undergraduates at the time of application. However, the degree result is one of the factors we use in shortlisting, and so if you don’t have a degree at the time you apply then obviously other factors (referees’ reports, BMAT score) will carry more weight than they otherwise might; and we might also be inclined to look more closely at your earlier academic record (GCSEs and A-levels in particular).

Although we are happy to take graduates straight from their first degree (and in practice about a quarter to a third of people on the course usually come by this route), we do encourage applicants to think hard about whether this is really the best step for them. Many people benefit from a year or two of something different between the first degree and the medical course, so please don’t feel that you have to rush to start this course as soon as you have finished your first degree.