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Programmes in Experimental Psychology and Psychiatry offer opportunities to research social, cognitive and emotional psychological processes in both health and in mental disorders.

Oxford has particular strengths in developmental psychology and disorders, language and communication, action selection and decision-making, attention and cognition, and research into psychological illnesses including depression and bipolar disorder, psychoses and its features, anxiety and trauma.  The range of opportunities encompasses laboratory methods with the range of techniques offered by contemporary cognitive neuroscience including imaging, brain stimulation, neuropsychology, psychopharmacology and genetics.

Strong ties between Experimental Psychology and Psychiatry in Oxford facilitate opportunties to work on translational projects that apply basic research to answer questions about the mechanisms that sustain and confer risk for psychological problems (across the lifespan) and mechanisms that might allow psychological and pharmacological treatments to work. The multi-disciplinary character of this research ensures that our programmes offer rich and exciting opportunities for post-graduate scientific training.

The Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training runs a 3 year Doctoral course in Clinical Psychology that includes a substantial research programme.

Supervisors in Psychology and Psychiatry

Paul Azzopardi

Departmental Lecturer in Perception and Psychophysics

David Bannerman

Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience

Esther Becker

Professor of Translational Neuroscience

Timothy Behrens

Professor of Computational Neuroscience

Geoff Bird

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

Rafal Bogacz

Professor of Computational Neuroscience

Lucy Bowes

Professor of Developmental Psychopathology

Sven Braeutigam

MEG Physicist

Holly Bridge

Professor of Neuroscience

Michael Browning

Professor of Computational Psychiatry

Randy Bruno

Professor of Neuroscience

Mark J. Buckley

Professor of Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience

Philip Burnet

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Claire Carson

Associate Professor in Epidemiology

Grant C Churchill

Professor of Chemical Pharmacology

Cathy Creswell

Professor of Developmental Clinical Psychology

Nele Demeyere

Associate Professor

Klaus Ebmeier

Professor (Chair) & Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist

Mike English

Colin Espie

Professor of Sleep Medicine

Seena Fazel

Director, Centre for Suicide Research; Professor of Forensic Psychiatry

Russell Foster

Head of the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology and the Sleep and Circadian ...

Elaine Fox

Professor of Psychology & Affective Neuroscience

Daniel Freeman

Professor of Clinical Psychology

John Gallacher

Professor of Cognitive Health; Director, Dementias Platform UK; Director, ...

John Geddes

WA Handley Professor of Psychiatry; Director, NIHR Oxford Health Biomedical ...

Ben Goldacre

Director of Bennett Institute for Applied Data Science

Alex Green

Spalding Associate Professor

Trish Greenhalgh

Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences

Catherine Harmer

Associate Head of Department (People and Culture), Professor of Cognitive ...

Paul Harrison

Professor of Psychiatry; Associate Head of Department (Research)

Abdelaali Hassaine

Machine Learning Scientist

Laurence Hunt

Associate Professor of Experimental Psychology

Masud Husain

Professor of Neurology & Cognitive Neuroscience

Roi Cohen Kadosh

Visiting Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

Andrew King

Director, Centre for Integrative Neuroscience & Wellcome Principal Research ...

Patricia Kingori

Professor of Global Health Ethics

Willem Kuyken

Ritblat Professor of Mindfulness and Psychological Science

Simon Kyle

Professor of Experimental and Clinical Sleep Research

Belinda Lennox

Head of Department

Victoria Bajo Lorenzana

Associate Professor of Neuroscience

Clare Mackay

Professor of Imaging Neuroscience

Sanjay Manohar

Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant

Anna S Mitchell

Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow and Associate Professor

David Morley

Senior Research Scientist

Robin A Murphy

Professor of Experimental Psychology

Kate Nation

Professor of Experimental Psychology

Charles Newton

Cheryl & Reece Scott Professor of Psychiatry

Kia Nobre

Visiting Wu Tsai Professor of Psychology

Fernando Nodal

Departmental Lecturer

Robyn Norton

Acting Executive Director, The George Institute, UK.

Jill O'Reilly

Associate Professor of Experimental Psychology

Jacinta O'Shea

Principal Investigator

Chrysanthi Papoutsi

Associate Professor

Rebecca Park

Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist

Brian Parkinson

Professor of Social Psychology

Andrew Peters

Sir Henry Dale Fellow

Catherine Pope

Professor of Medical Sociology

Matthew Rushworth

Watts Chair and Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Head of Department

Paul Salkovskis


Gaia Scerif

Professor of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Michael Sharpe

Emeritus Professor of Psychological Medicine

Sara Shaw

Professor of Health Policy & Practice

Ilina Singh

Professor of Neuroscience & Society

Stephen Smith

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Hannah Smithson

Professor of Experimental Psychology

Charles Spence

Professor of Experimental Psychology

Charlotte Stagg

Professor of Human Neurophysiology

Alan Stein

Emeritus Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Simon Stringer

Departmental Lecturer

Christopher Summerfield

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

Pawel Swietach

Professor of Physiology

Irene Tracey

Professor Anaesthetic Neuroscience

Sridhar Vasudevan

Associate Professor in Pharmacology and Drug Discovery

Nicole Votruba

Senior Research Fellow in Implementation Science

Vladyslav Vyazovskiy

Professor of Sleep Physiology

Kerry Walker

Associate Professor of Neuroscience

Mark Walton

Wellcome Senior Research Fellow and Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience

Kate Watkins

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

Nick Yeung

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience