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The Translational Research Office (TRO) manage a number of devolved funding streams targeting early stage proof-of-concept projects and have extensive knowledge of the UK translational funding landscape. We can help source the most appropriate funding scheme for projects and ensure that the most compelling cases for support are generated. Securing funding enables projects to progress along the translational path, de-risking future investment.

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Key Activities

The TRO administrate translational proof-of-concept funding through the Medical and Life Sciences Translation Fund (MLSTF). The fund is open to all University of Oxford researchers and provides consolidated internal proof of concept funding for translational medical and life sciences projects. The next call will open in Spring 2023

The TRO also identify the most appropriate external grant funding source for a project. A few of the translational research funding schemes available to researchers are:

The TRO supports developing robust project plans and compelling applications for funding. Our Translational Research Managers can support grant writing activities, provide project management support and advise on long-term translational research strategies.

The TRO works closely with Oxford University Innovation (OUI), the Medical Sciences Business Partnerships Office (BPO) and University of Oxford's Research Services (RS) to ensure appropriate expertise and advice is sought at key stages in project development.