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How do you get from an idea to a marketed drug webinar series online toolkit


The Translational Research Office (TRO) has now published a new toolkit to the Oxford based research community as guide to support core translational research projects and ventures.

In the autumn 2021, the Translational Research Office launched a 6-part series of webinars where Experts in Residence explored the pathway from drug discovery to commercialisation. This series has been the opportunity to understand the essential steps involve in this challenging process.

These series of webinar recordings cover:

  • How to start the process and what is a validated target?
  • Regulatory affairs
  • How to engage with pharma.
  • Commercialisation strategies.
  • Investment opportunities.

“As an academic researcher with a keen interest in spinning out my work in translational medicine, I gained invaluable insight into each critical aspect of the drug discovery process from target validation to engaging with pharma and routes towards downstream development. Every expert speaker was excellent and offered advice that would not have been readily available without this series of informative seminars. I’m grateful to the organisers and speakers for making this possible.”

Dr Hannah Chem, Oxford-Celgene Research Fellow, Nuffield Department of Medicine.

View the online toolkit