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The “Experts in Residence” scheme is managed by the Translational Research Office. It aims to give Oxford's research community access to world-leading expertise and advice across multiple industry sectors. Scientists can arrange meetings with our experts to discuss their ideas and projects with no strings attached. We expect that this advice and support will help scientists develop the translational strategy for their projects/technologies.

View a brochure detailing the structure of the program, key stakeholders, testimonials, and a directory for researchers to learn more about the experts.

Our Experts

Book a meeting with one of our Experts in Residence

 Product Design in Biomedical Engineering 


Patrick Hall Dr Patrick Hall, Managing Director, Designing Science Ltd


Kerry Briggs





 Dr Kerry Briggs, VP Design and Development Europe, Kinneir Dufort


James Holmes




Dr James Holmes, Head of Electronics, Kinneir Dufort



Rouzet Agaiby  Dr Rouzet Agaiby, Director, EG technology 


Giles Sanders





Dr Giles Sanders, Head of In Vitro Diagnostics, TTP


Stuart Lowe 



 Dr Stuart Lowe, Head - Biotechnology, Cell and Gene Therapy, TTP 


Imaging technologies 

Dr Jan Wolber




Dr Jan Wolber, Product Leader - Digital, GE Healthcare Pharmaceutical Diagnostics  



 Drug Discovery and development 

Rachel GrimleyDr Rachel Grimley, Senior Vice President, Drug discovery, Cancer Research UK 


Simon J Hollingsworth




Professor Simon Hollingsworth, VP, Global Medicine Leader, AstraZeneca


Rachel Hemsley




Dr Rachel Hemsley, Business Development Director, Sygnature Discovery


Colin T Dourish




Dr Colin T DourishDirector and Co-Owner of Blue Day Healthcare 



Anthony BrownDr Anthony Brown, VP Business Development & Scientific Liaison, Carrick Therapeutics


Holger Hess Stumpp





Dr Holger Hess-Stumpp, Head of Strategic Alliances and Business Development in DKFZ Innovation Management



David Reynolds




Professor David Reynolds, CEO of LoQus 23 and AstronauTx  


Profile pic of Tom OakleyDr Tom Oakley, Founder and Principal Consultant - Somerville Development Partners

Andrew TeasdaleDr Andrew Teasdale, Senior Principal Scientist Impurity Management and External   

                                                                                                                                              Advocacy, AstraZeneca

Yatish LadDr Yatish Lad, Vice President, Head of Early Development,  Oxford Biomedica (UK) Ltd.


Profile picture of Andy PearceDr Andy Pearce, Global Project Leader, AstraZeneca

Digital Health 

Steve GardnerDr Steve Gardner, Co-founder and CEO, PrecisionLife

Veronique BouchetDr Veronique Bouchet, Chief Medical Officer, PrecisionLife;


 Paul O’DonohoeDr Paul O'Donohoe, Senior Director, eCOA Product and Science at Medidata Solutions


Bobby Kaura




Dr Bobby Kaura, Seed Investment, EMEA Outreach & International Development, Illumina Accelerator


Medical Technologies -  Regulatory and Market Access 

Toni DayDr Toni Day, Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs at OrganOx


Richard Hall.




Dr Richard Hall, Director, QMS Consultancy



Ben Wensley-Stock



Dr Ben Wensley-Stock, Chief Executive Officer MPS-UK and Wensley Stock Ltd 



Steven Haken


Dr Steven Haken, Managing Director at Odelle Technology




Amy Peters




Amy Peters, Senior Director, Government Affairs and Policy, Johnson and Johnson MedTech



Clinical Research

Steve McConchiee




Dr Steve McConchie, Operations & Partnership Director for Lean Life Science 


Matthew ReaneyDr Matthew Reaney, Head of Global Science & Analytics, Patient Centered Solutions,                                                                                                                                                                              IQVIA

 Jeremy KirkProfessor Jeremy KirkR&D Director Birmingham Women and Children’s Hospital and                                                                                     former CD NIHR Clinical Research Network for West Midlands

Innovation and commercial opportunities

Paul Cox




Paul Cox, General Manager UK, Ireland and Nordics, Apellis Pharmaceuticals


Nicholas Duggan






Dr Nicholas Duggan, Founder at Zuas


Joanne Hackett





Dr Joanne Hackett, Vice President Genomic and Precision, IQVIA


Laura Ferguson




Dr Laura FergusonAssociate Director at AstraZeneca



Karen Wai




Dr Karen Wai, Chief Executive Officer, DentX