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Translational Masterclass Series 

In these videos from the 2022 Translational Masterclass Series, Dr Nessa Carey, Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Oxford, will take you through a series of chosen topics, key questions and workshops to help you further your understanding of translational research and innovation.

The video provide a framework and toolkit that will help you drive your translational research successfully, increase your ability to engage the right stakeholders at the right time, and access the funding you need to further your research and drive change, whether that is early stage translational funding, translational fellowships or secure private investment.

How to drive societal impact? 

Using your academic research to drive positive changes that address social challenges is intensely rewarding, but the routes to creating this societal impact can feel very opaque. In this Masterclass, we explore frameworks, strategies and tools you can use to increase the likelihood of your research making a difference beyond the realms of academia.

Intellectual property strategy: What is it and how to use it?

Protecting intellectual property (IP) is fairly straightforward. Protecting it in a way that is actually useful to you is much more complicated. This masterclass focuses on helping you think strategically to create IP portfolios that are practical, appropriate and defensible.

How do you pitch for funding? (Future leaders, Translational Fellowship, Investors)

Ever tried to pitch for funding and noticed that the audience don’t seem to be as engaged as you expected? That’s probably because you aren’t telling a compelling story. Learn how to in this session.

How do you define what you’ve got?

You think what you’re researching has potential to create impact outside the world of academia, but how can you describe exactly what this is, in a way that allows you to test your ideas and to engage other people? In this masterclass we talk about you tools and strategies for this vital first step on the translational journey.

How do you access translational funding

Translational funds have very different priorities and assessment criteria to standard funding schemes. In this session we discuss types of funding available and demystify them so that you'll have more confidence in applying for these grants.

How to network