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In this section, we will explore how you can develop your medical device so that your intellectual property strategy becomes a true asset, not a just cost, driving your project to its next step. We will discuss how investors, or companies, will look at your data, where the value of your project lies, may that be in patent, design rights or trademarks, and what components will attract investments and collaborative opportunities. Intellectual Property is a core part of any business and despite being an intangible assets has utility in many forms including; as a commercial asset, a tool from which to build and can be utilised to protect commercial value and competitive position.

Unpacking the design of medical devices

How to plan ahead, improve usability and manage technical risk. - By Designing Science LTD

How to maximise chances of success:

  • Inform decisions
  • Question assumptions
  • Choose partners well
  • Minimise regulatory overhead
  • Keep it simple

Innovation Roadmaps

Distinguish between capability and market challenges - take viable steps.

What is user-centered design?

Design focusing on the needs and requirements of the end user throughout the design problem.

User-Research is about users...

  • Users don’t behave as you may expect them to.
  • People do not do what they think they do.
  • People do not do what they say they do.
  • People often cannot tell you what they want, but can tell you what they don’t want.

Two types of usability analysis

  • Hierarchical task analysis
  • Cognitive walkthrough

User testing 

  • Formative 
  • Summative