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In 2023, Nuffield Oxford Hospitals Fund (NOHF) provided funding to produce educational videos to support undergraduate teaching for Clinical Communication skills.

Written by Dr Ruth Wilson, Academic Teaching Lead - Clinical Communication Skills

Following on from last year’s work we made videos in the title series ‘Conversations in Clinical Communication ‘. Our aim was to supplement the student learning experience with stories from those with lived experience. Narrative medicine is a powerful teaching tool and places the patients’ story right at the heart of everything we do.

We filmed a survivor of FGM who shared her harrowing story with one of our undergraduate educator partners from Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health - Dr Gbemi David - West.

We worked with another undergraduate educator partner, Dr Fiona Boyle to produce a series of videos around supporting our student learning around racism in health care.

We filmed senior doctors who generously shared their experiences and thoughts of racism in health care.

We also made some videos to support use of interpreter services

We learned and shared so much in making these videos. We also had great fun!

The videos are now available on the CANVAS learning platform for students and are shared with clinical tutors and simulated patients in advance of or teaching sessions. We have also shared the videos with the undergraduate EDI working group for use throughout undergraduate medical education in Oxford.