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MSD has an annual Personal & Professional Development Review (PDR) scheme to provide staff (Reviewee) the opportunity to review their progress, objectives and training needs with their line managers (Reviewers). It also allows new objectives to be set for the forthcoming year and any support and training needs to achieve future objectives and goals to be discussed and agreed.

MSD PDR Flow Chart (PDF version). 

A circular flow chart of the annual MSD PDR process. (1) your reviewer should arrange a date and location for your PDR meeting. (2) you as the reviewee should complete Form A ahead of the meeting and share it with your reviewer. (3) the meeting takes place (4) you complete Form B following the meeting and send to your line manager for agreement and comments (5) Reviewer sends Form B to their line manager and then they send it to MSD HR (6) PDR forms are kept on file and training needs are collated by HR. Form B is then used in your subsequent one to one meetings for reviewing progress. The whole cycle of PDR process will then start again.

All MSD staff who are beyond their probation period are eligible to have a PDR. PDR does not need to be carried out for the following staff:

  • Staff who are currently on probation and will have limited objectives based on learning the new role.
  • Staff who have recently completed their probation period will have their first PDR due in the 12 months following their final probation meeting. 

Here are some useful resources to assist managers (Reviewers) to conduct an effective PDR meeting and to enable all staff having a PDR (Reviewees) to benefit most from the process:

The PDR completion window is open from now until early May. Completed PDR forms (Form B) should be returned to the HR team by emailing no later than 10 May 2023 and following the guidance set out here.

If you have any specific questions regarding PDR that are not addressed within the guidance and links above, please feel free to contact Vida Wong ( in HR in the first instance.