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Dr Aurora Pérez-Cornago

Dr Aurora Pérez-Cornago

Aurora Pérez-Cornago


Associate Professor and Senior Nutritional Epidemiologist

Aurora Pérez-Cornago is a Nutritional Epidemiologist with a particular interest in understanding how diet and obesity impact cancer and cardiovascular disease development and progression.

She holds a Cancer Research UK Population Research Fellowship to investigate the association between obesity and aggressive prostate cancer, integrating information from large datasets based on biomarkers, imaging and genotyping. She has established the Health in Vegetarians Consortium, where she is pooling data from international prospective studies with large numbers of vegetarians and vegans to conduct individual participant data meta-analyses to look at the association of vegetarian and vegan diets with the risk of non-communicable diseases. She also leads several projects for the EHNBPCCG and EPIC, and she is the Principal Investigator of a project examining the mediating mechanisms linking anthropometric, lifestyle and dietary risk factors with cancer risk in the UK Biobank cohort study. She oversees the Oxford WebQ (a web-based dietary assessment tool developed in the unit) and creates new dietary resources for UK Biobank. Aurora is also Module Lead for Nutritional Epidemiology of the MSc in Global Health and Epidemiology.

She joined the Cancer Epidemiology Unit in 2015 after working as a Postdoctoral Nutritional Epidemiologist in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the University of Navarra (Spain). She holds a PhD in Food, Physiology and Health from the University of Navarra, and two master’s degrees, one in Public Health and another in Nutrition and Metabolism.

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