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Scientists working in Oxford have made major contributions to this field. Robert Gwynne Macfarlane was instrumental in identifying the clotting cascade. George Brownlee first cloned the Factor IX gene, leading to the production of recombinant Factor IX now used to treat patients with haemophilia B. Sir David Weatherall pioneered research into the inherited basis of blood disorders, particularly thalassaemia, culminating in a prestigious Lasker Award in 2010.

Current research in haematology is concentrated in the MRC Molecular Haematology Unit housed in the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine and the Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences. Areas of strength include the regulation of gene expression in  haematopoiesis, understanding haematopoietic stem cells and how they are perturbed in various form of leukemia.

Supervisors in Haematology

Sarah Atkinson

Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant in Paediatrics and Paediatric ...

Rachael Bashford-Rogers

Marella de Bruijn

Professor of Developmental Haematopoiesis

Nicholas Crump

Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund Intermediate Research Fellow

Nicola Curry

Associate Professor of Haematology

Omer Dushek

Professor of Molecular Immunology, Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow

Claire Edwards

Professor of Bone Oncology

Lise Estcourt

Associate Professor of Haematology and Transfusion Medicine

Richard Gibbons

Professor of Clinical Genetics

Georg Holländer

Hoffmann and Action Medical Research Professor of Developmental Medicine

Jim Hughes

Professor of Gene Regulation

Jim Hughes

Rob Klose

Professor of Genetics

Adam Mead

Professor of Haematology

Thomas Milne

Professor of Haematology

Claus Nerlov

Professor of Stem Cell Biology

Andrea Pellagatti

University Research Lecturer

David Roberts

Professor of Haematology

Irene Roberts

Emeritus Professor of Paediatric Haematology

Anindita Roy

Professor of Paediatric Haematology

Angela Russell

Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Anna Schuh

Director of Molecular Diagnostics

Susie Shapiro

Associate Professor of Haematology

Simon Stanworth

Professor of Haematology and Transfusion Medicine

Alain Townsend

Emeritus Professor of Molecular Immunology

Lidia Vasilieva

Associate professor, group leader

Paresh Vyas

Professor of Haematology

Adam Wilkinson

Associate Professor of Stem Cell Biology


Doctoral Training Centre Degrees