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DNA model in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History © Fr Lawrence Lew / Flickr

There has never been a better time to study structural biology, with new technologies giving increasingly detailed insight into molecules, pathogens and even whole cellular systems. Our D. Phil. programme in Cellular Structural Biology is a collaborative graduate programme coordinated by the University of Oxford, Diamond Light Source and the Rosalind Franklin Institute. We provide our diverse cohort of students with a comprehensive training in structural biology methodology. They then choose exciting projects in structural biology methods development or in the application of structural biology to study important cellular systems, gaining an outstanding training and making important discoveries.

Applicants who are offered places on the Cellular Structural Biology course will be fully funded. This generous funding from Wellcome includes:

  • Course fees at the home rate
  • Four full years of stipend at not less than £23,955 per annum
  • £50,000 for research expenses
  • £2,500 for travel expenses
  • Access to a transitional fund which can be used to support internship and other activities intended to support the career development of students at the end of their course.


Diamond Studentship

We are delighted to offer a fully-funded Diamond Studentship for entry in October 2024. Read how to apply here.


Read the full DPhil in Cellular Structural Biology course information  on the University of Oxford admissions website.

Rhys Pryce, DPhil student in Cellular Structural BiologyRhys Pryce, DPhil student in Cellular Structural Biology
I was especially attracted by the Wellcome programme because of the opportunity to try different rotations.Read more about Rhys's experiences


The following researchers are affiliated with this programme

Phil Biggin

Professor of Computational Biochemistry

Paul Elliott

MRC Career Development Fellow

Gwyndaf Evans

Principal Beamline Scientist

Maria Harkiolaki

Principal Beamline Scientist

Matthew Higgins

Professor of Molecular Parisitology

Syma Khalid

Colin Kleanthous

Iveagh Professor of Microbial Biochemistry

Clinton Lau

Wellcome CDA Research Fellow

James Naismith

Simon Newstead

Allen Orville

Group Leader, XFEL Hub

Robin Owen

Principal Beamline Scientist

Rob Rambo

Group Leader, Soft Condensed Matter Village

Michael Ranes

Wellcome Career Development Fellow

Christina Redfield

Professor of Molecular Biophysics

Carol Robinson

Mark Sansom

Jason Schnell

Associate Professor

Elena Seiradake

Associate Professor & Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow

Christian Siebold

Professor of Structural Biology

Frank von Delft

Martin Walsh

Deputy Director of Life Sciences

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Application Deadline

Applications for 2024 entry are now closed.

Supported by

Wellcome Trust

Diamond Light Source

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