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Graduate School

Programme directors: Professor David Stuart and Professor Mark Sansom

Programme co-director: Professor Yvonne Jones

Full DPhil in Structural Biology course information (University of Oxford admissions website)


This graduate course provides training in structural biology and related biochemical, genetic and cell biological approaches to understand molecular and cellular function. You will spend the first year learning a range of structural biology techniques, usually undertaking two five-month projects in different laboratories and following taught courses.


The following researchers are affiliated with this programme

Bungo Akiyoshi
Radu Aricescu
Judy Armitage
Frances Ashcroft
Ben Berks
Phil Biggin
Maike Bublitz
Pedro Carvalho
Stuart Ferguson
Panagis Filippakopoulos
Ervin Fodor
Matthew Freeman
Robert Gilbert
Kay Grunewald
Penny Handford
Matthew Higgins
Mark Howarth
Juha Huiskonen
Colin Kleanthous
Susan Lea
Sylvia McLain
Simon Newstead
Chris O'Callaghan
Ray Owens
Carol Robinson
Mark Sansom
Jason Schnell
Elena Seiradake
Sarah Shammas
David Sherratt
Phillip Stansfeld
David Stuart
Ioannis Vakonakis
Nicole Zitzmann

Application Deadline

The new application cycle for entry in 2017 opens on 1 September 2016.  The deadline for applications to be received is 6 January 2017.

Supported by

Wellcome Trust

Further Information

Statement of Provision