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This scheme is currently closed for new applications 

Stage 1 - Pre-application questions and meeting with BMS

Stage 1  

The Oxford-BMS Fellowship Programme strongly encourages you to take pre-application steps before submitting your application in IRAMS. The pre-application steps ensure that your proposal is in line with BMS’s areas of research interest and involves some pre-application questions and a meeting with BMS.

Stage 2 - Full application

Full applications should be made through IRAMS. The full application form should be uploaded to the system and page limitations specified in the form need to be respected (see section 6 of the guidance for applicants for more detail). Please be aware that only one single PDF can be uploaded to IRAMS - multiple PDFs will need to be combined. Furthermore, a basic budget breakdown needs to be filled in the online application form.  

Prospective Principle Investigator applicants should read this application guidance