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Meghna Mathur

Meghna Mathur

Meghna Mathur

Business Partnerships Associate

As Business Partnerships Associate at the Business Partnerships Office, Medical Sciences Division (MSD), my role is to strengthen the connections between the division and industry.

I support the team in developing our business networks and establishing new business relationships, with a focus on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). I assist with existing key strategic business research partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, including Bristol Myers Squibb, GSK (formerly GlaxoSmithKline) and Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine (formerly Janssen Pharmaceuticals).

Additionally, I support operational aspects of Industry Fellows and Postdocs Network, that brings together MSD’s fellows and post-doctoral researchers who are working collaboratively with industry, and Pan-University Business Partnerships Professionals Network, that supports intra-university communication among business partnerships professionals at Oxford.

Before joining the team at Oxford, I briefly worked as a Product Marketing Manager at Qkine, a University of Cambridge spin-out, where I gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by SMEs. Prior to relocating to the UK, I facilitated establishing and developing the neuronal organoid platform at McGill University in Canada. At McGill, in a research scientific role for about 5 years, whilst leading the Organoid Quality control and Maintenance node within The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital)'s Early Drug Discovery Unit. I collaborated and maintained long and successful partnerships with other academic groups, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. I hold a Master’s in Biotechnology from McGill University, Canada, with a background in neuroscience, specifically in neurodegeneration (Parkinson’s Disease) and neuronal organoids.