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Jo Valentine

Assistant Registrar

I am responsible for coordinating undergraduate teaching, course administration, examination administration and student admissions for the Faculty of Physiological Sciences (composed of the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, and the Department of Pharmacology), and managing the Medical Sciences Teaching Centre (MSTC). 

This includes:

Undergraduate course management

  • Administrative oversight of the undergraduate programmes in Pre-clinical Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, and physiology teaching within other programmes (Experimental Psychology and Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics (PPL))
  • Managing the team of academic administrators in the Faculty of Physiological Sciences Undergraduate Studies Office (based in the MSTC)
  • Secretary to the Steering Committee for the Biomedical Sciences undergraduate course
  • Secretary to the Steering Committee for the Pre-clinical Medicine course
  • Quality assurance and enhancement of provision
  • Managing membership of the Faculty of Physiological Sciences

MSTC management

  • Managing the MSTC building and services staff
  • Managing the budget for the MSTC, including the rolling replacement of equipment
  • Management of technical and IT/AV support for the building
  • Regulating the use of the building for teaching, internal events, and external conferences