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Designing the new building

The project is now moving into development of the concept design of the building and extensive consultation with the people who will use it.  The architects, NBBJ, have organised a series of workshops with users representing different functions of the building, which are being held during April and May.

Pre-application discussions are ongoing with Oxford City Council planners and on 17/18 May there will be the first of two public consultation events – more information will be available soon.

What’s happening on site

The asbestos removal work is progressing well and work has begun on demolition of a small (12 square meters) area of the building at Gate 1, the original main entrance to the building, on South Parks Rd to enable lorry deliveries.

Plans for a number of enabling works ahead of the planned demolition of the building are being discussed with neighbouring departments which will require planning permission.  If you have any queries about work on site, please contact

Cycle safety event

Erith, the asbestos removal and demolition contractor, are holding a cycle safety event in conjunction with the Student Union in Radcliffe Square on Wednesday 8 May between 11am and 3pm.  This aims to promote safer cycling near lorries and will feature virtual reality experience, prizes, free gifts and information stalls.  Contact for more information.