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A list of things to double-check before you go live

Check List

SITE Indexing

Make sure your site is indexed as soon as possible by Google and ensure that ranking for an existing site isn't substantially impacted


Google Analytics

before Go Live

Google Search Console

immediately after Go Live

robots.txt - this file needs to be altered to allow bots like Google to start cataloguing the site

at Go Live


You can put alternative URLs in place for important pages to reflect the old structure of your site and ensure links don't break. 



before Go Live 

Upload with help from the consultancy

at least 48 hours before Go Live

Self-service upload

at Go Live

Domain Names and Redirects

Ask the Communications Team for help if you are unsure of the procedure


Applying for a domain name

at least 6 weeks before Go Live

Switching over the same domain name

at Go Live

re-directing a domain name or a web address to a particular part of the site

1. information to the consultancy

at least a week before Go Live

2. switching over the domain name

at Go Live


There are one or two things to keep an eye on as you publish your pages. Running a link checker just after launch can also help.


Publishing sub-pages

at Go Live or just before

Checking links - check that full links to internal pages have been entered correctly

just after Go Live

Accessibility and Cookie pages: all websites have a link to Accessibility and Cookie information on every page.

Most sites use a standard text. For examples of this see - and

A suggested location for these pages is in the About Us section. If you put them here check whether you need to set up an alias to redirect the links to this location. 

Before Go Live


Support and Mailing Lists

There are a number of lists that the editor in chief (and the department administrator if they wish) should be signed up to.


The Editor in Chief should have an account set up on the Haiku Helpdesk.

As soon as you have signed your contract

Editors and anyone interested can join the MSD Haiku Editor's mailing list. Contact to be added to the list. 

As soon as you have signed your contract

The Editor in Chief should also set up a route within their department or unit for general users to get help.

At Go Live or as soon as other editors start using the site