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Sign up to receive a weekly digest of events taking place across the Division.

Weekly Events digest fOR STAFF AND STUDENTS

Keep up to date with events, seminars, talks and workshops taking place across the Medical Sciences Division.

Sign up to receive a weekly digest of all events taking place across the Division. The digest is sent out via email every Thursday, listing the events for the following two weeks.

To receive the digest, please email (subject: Subscribe).

Oxford Talks

The weekly events digest is compiled from medical sciences-related events listed on Oxford Talks.

As an Oxford Talks editor you can add and edit events that can then be included in the Divisional digest.

  1. Log in to Oxford Talks so that the system registers you as a user
  2. Send an email to asking to be made a Talks Editor
  3. If you are a student, please provide the name of a member of staff who can approve your application.

(Your departmental presence on Oxford Talks may be coordinated by a member of staff in your department, so discuss with them first if you know who they are.)