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On this page you can find out how to apply for an MSD website domain name, how to obtain a Haiku website, where to find the Division on social media, and how to use the Division's image management system.

Go to:


Social media

Image management


Apply for a web domain name

Top level domain name: www.[unit]

Not all websites will qualify for a top level domain name – please review the Divisional Domain Name Policy and follow the instructions for application if you think that you qualify.

The process can take a few weeks, so don't leave it to the last minute.

Alias: [unit].[dept]

Please check with your Department Administrator and speak to your local IT officer as this type of website name can often be set up by them.

External domain name: www.[name].org

Please consult with your Department Administrator. If your website is hosted internally, it is best to buy your domain name through IT Services. If you buy elsewhere, please ensure that you keep a record of the account details to ensure continuity.

Set-up a website

This usually involves some liaison:

  • You will be asked for an IP address or server name – your website developer or server administrator should be able to provide this.
  • In addition, you need to be sure that your website developer or server administrator has configured the web server to handle the website name.

Obtain a Haiku website

Haiku is the website product and content management system designed specifically for the Medical Sciences Division and supported by members of the Divisional Office.

Please consult with your Department Administrator and then contact the providers directly for a quotation at

Website training and support

Social media

Keep up to date with the Division's latest research, news and events by following us @OxfordMedSci.

For information about setting up your own social media accounts, please see Social media guidance | Communications Hub (

Image management system

The Divisional Office manages ThirdLight, an Image Management System (IMS), which is available for use by Departments across Medical Sciences. 

It features

  • Department-only areas where departments and their constituents units, centres and institutes, can safely store images, alongside relevant information such as retention data, consent forms and copyright information. Each area is managed at department level, with managers determining access and viewing rights. 
  • A shared image bank, available to all users, containing a variety of stock images that are freely available for all to use. Departments manager  receive download rights to the images on behalf of their department. 

For further information about the IMS, please contact Alison Brindle