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A brief description of the role of the Editor in Chief


Every Haiku site has an Editor in Chief. Their role is to take charge of the curation and overall direction of the website. This can range from checking content as it is added, to designing and implementing new sections. Larger sites may delegate editing of parts of the site to other editors, and the Editor in Chief will oversee their training and on-going work.

Editors in Chief are also the main point of liaison between the consultancy and their department.  Bugs, problems and questions for the consultancy can be submitted by them to the Haiku Helpdesk

The Haiku Evolution Process also depends on the participation of the Editors in Chief. If they have a particular requirement for a new development then they can submit a proposal to Haiku HQ. Twice yearly they are asked to review these requests and prioritize them for inclusion in the Haiku Roadmap.


If you have just been appointed an Editor in Chief, then run through this checklist and contact the Divisional web team ( if anything is missing:


  • Have you been introduced to the Consultancy?
  • Do you have a login to the HaikuHQ and the Helpdesk?
  • Have you been signed up to the Haiku Editors' mailing list?
  • Have you been given access to your department's Google Search Console account?