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In this guide we cover the most common accessibility issues on Haiku websites and give pointers on how to avoid them. The information is also available to download as a PDF document.


  • Page structure should be logical and consistent with other pages on the website. For example, don’t disable the left hand navigation and then use a portlet to rebuild it on the right.
  • When using a keyboard to navigate a page, the order must be logical.
  • Only use bullet points for lists, not to draw attention to one sentence or link.

Page Titles

  • Page titles must be unique to the site and indicate the purpose of the page.


  • Use headings and sub-headings to break page content into short manageable sections.
  • Headings should be hierarchical.
  • Headings must be informative and meaningful.
  • Don’t use headings for items that aren’t headings, e.g. to draw attention to a line of text.
  • Don’t use bold as a substitute for a heading.

Videos & Guides

How to edit a page title on a standard Haiku web page.

Guide on how to edit the page title (same content as video).


 How to create headings and sub-headings.

Guide on how to create headings and sub-headings (same content as video).