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The University is seeking to assist the NHS and the government in its preparations for dealing with an increase in COVID-19 cases. Requests for information will be listed below with links to forms to collect responses. The information gathered below will be shared to support resource planning but will not form a commitment at this stage.

If you have additional queries or offers please contact

Support our research efforts for COVID-19 here.

SUPPORT FOR Aylesbury or HIGH Wycombe

Bucks Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is looking for staff to help with the COVID-19 response. 

Most services are in Aylesbury, but there are some in High Wycombe. Accommodation may be possible.

Staff who have worked clinically in the past and are not waiting to be deployed to work in Oxford are invited to volunteer. Training and supervision will be provided, taking into account previous experience. 

UK registered doctors sign up here.

Others with clinical experience may work as Acute Care Assistants or another role dependent on previous training and experience. Acute Care Assistants will join and be supervised by teams of qualified staff.  Experience of working in a clinical environment is the main requirement for this role.

Non-medical clinical staff sign up here.

Support for OUHFT

Medical Staff

If you are a University employee and clinically trained and would be willing to work in the OUHFT during this time please complete this form

Nurses, pharmacists and Physiotherapists

If you are a University employee and a nurse or physiotherapist and would be willing to work in the OUHFT during this time please complete this form.

Consumables and reagents

OUHFT labs are in urgent need of reagents and consumables please complete this form if you can help. We will follow up to establish quantities. 

Personal Protective Equipment

NHS staff urgently need PPE please complete this form if you can help. 

How we will use this information? 

The purpose of these forms is to collect information about your expertise and availability. This will be shared with the NHS to inform their COVID-19 emergency response.

The University of Oxford is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information; you can find out more details of how we process your information, in the University Staff Privacy Policy.