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This is an optional live session for MSD DPhil students, complementing the online self-directed course ‘Writing a transfer report’ in Canvas. This two-part course is designed for DPhil students who are preparing to write their transfer report (usually second or third term of the first year).


Live sessions will be used to answer questions about the online course, discuss your transfer report message, and share writing challenges and solutions.

The online course covers planning, writing, and editing your transfer report. By the end of the course (with or without a live session), you will

  • Have found your transfer story – while meeting transfer aims
  • Have developed an initial outline of your transfer report for discussion with your supervisor
  • Feel ready to write each section of your report
  • Be confident in revising your own writing for clarity, simplicity, and completeness and in applying feedback

You can read a full description of this two-part course here

This course is designed for the MSD DPhil transfer of status process. Please be aware that tutors will not be able to comment on your division’s requirements and that some of the course content will not apply to you.


The booking link for this live session can be accessed from within the self-directed Canvas course. Please follow this link and select ‘Join this course’ on the home page.

Once you have watched the Course overview video and completed a short quiz to confirm you understand how this two-part course works, you will be able to access the link for booking any live session date (including this one).  



Maximum 40 participants per live session. (Unlimited self-enrolments into the Canvas course