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  1. If you apply for and accept a place to attend a course or event you are expected to attend. If the course comprises more than one class by accepting a place you are expected to attend all classes.
  2. By accepting a place you are agreeing to complete and submit the online feedback form sent at the end of the course.
  3. Please arrive promptly for all courses.
  4. Please ensure any preparation work required is completed prior to attending.
  5. When attending a course or event you are expected to attend for the complete duration of the course or event. Therefore by accepting a place you are making a time commitment to attend the whole course or event.
  6. If you fail to attend a course or event having accepted a place, forget to attend or only partially attending you will forfeit your deposit  and your department will be notified, plus future applications may be declined. Participants who arrive late or leave a course early will be recorded as partially attending the course.
  7. Applicants who partially  attend a course will forfeit their refundable deposit. 
  8. Most courses and events have a waiting list. If you are placed on a waiting list it is only for that particular instance of the course or event and not for future courses or events. You will need to reapply to be considered for future courses and event.
  9. If a course has the 'Apply for a place on this course' option, it does not guarantee that places are still available. To ensure courses run full the option to apply remains available until the maximum number of places available plus an additional 10 applications have been received.
  10. All Medical Sciences applicants wishing to attend any of the Skills Training Programmes, will be required to pay a £20 refundable deposit per course. Your place on the courses will only be confirmed once payment has been received. Upon attendance to the course (as confirmed by the sign-in sheets) your deposit will be refunded back. If you fail to attend the course, partially attend or cancel with less than 2 working days (Mon - Fri) notice, you will forfeit your deposit.