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These terms and conditions apply to all MSD Skills training courses attendees. Please note that all MSD Skills training courses are now managed in CoSY.

  1. Booking confirmation, for the majority of our courses, is secured by paying a refundable £20 deposit. You will need to pay this within 24 hours of receiving your provisional booking notification email, and your place on the course will only be confirmed once payment is received. Your deposit will be refunded on confirmation of attendance (as confirmed by the sign-in sheets).
  2. Please note that lunch is longer provided for the majority of our all-day courses. Course descriptions in the courses calendar will advise you if you need to bring your own lunch. Tea and coffee will be provided as usual. 

  3. If you apply for and accept a place to attend a course or event, you are expected to attend. If the course consists of more than one class, by accepting a place you are expected to attend all classes for the full duration.
  4. If you fail to attend a course or event having accepted a place, or forget to attend, or only partially attend, your deposit will not be refunded and your department will be notified. Please note that if you need to cancel your place, you need to do so no later than 48 hours before the start of the course to be refunded your deposit.
  5. By accepting a place you are agreeing to complete and submit the online feedback form sent at the end of the course.
  6. Please arrive promptly for all courses.
  7. Please ensure any preparation work required is completed prior to attending. It is your responsibility to read the automated CoSY emails which contain your course information and links to any preparatory work.
  8. Most courses and events have a waiting list. If you are placed on a waiting list it is because the course is fully booked. If spaces become available then people on the waiting list will be booked on the course and sent instructions to pay the deposit to confirm their place. Please note that the waiting list is only for that particular instance of a course or event. You will need to reapply to be considered for future courses and events.