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This MSD Skills training workshop provides clear guidance for MSD early career researchers and new principal investigators on postgraduate research student supervision, key DPhil milestones assessment, and being an internal examiner at Oxford.


Please note: you need to complete the online ‘DPhil Supervision at Oxford (Sciences)’ training course before attending this workshop. You can access the course here (SSO required to enrol via Canvas).

This live half-day workshop is tailored to the needs of MSD early career researchers (ECRs) and new principal investigators (PIs) who wish to undertake postgraduate research student supervision and act as an internal examiner at Oxford. It will allow you to consider the key points in being an effective research supervisor and become familiar with the students’ milestones. You will gain a clear understanding of your role as an assessor of PGR students’ transfer and confirmation of status and reflect on and appreciate your responsibility as the internal examiner for the research thesis viva voce.


By the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand MSD’s supervision code of practice and the milestones involved in the DPhil and MSc by Research at Oxford
  • Be able to apply the regulations and steps involved when assessing transfer and confirmation of status
  • Gain awareness of the requirements and administration involved in acting as an internal examiner at Oxford.




Prior to booking your place, you will need to complete CTL’s ‘DPhil Supervision at Oxford (Sciences)’.

Once you have booked your place on the course, you will receive the automated booking confirmation email from CoSy with the live session joining link. You will also be able to access pre-course material via ‘My Resources’ in CoSy. This contains the ‘MSD Code of Practice for Supervisors’, ‘Guidance to Assessors’ for transfer, confirmation and assessment sheets, ‘Oxford Examination Regulations of Research Theses’ (plus internal examiner paperwork), and ‘Mitigating circumstance due to Covid-19’.

Following the workshop, you will be able to access the course presentation via ‘My Resources’ in CoSy.


You will need a good internet connection, the microphone and camera enabled on your PC, and some uninterrupted time.


It is now a requirement that you complete the three short questions in the survey you receive after attending the course. Once you have submitted the survey, you will be sent an email with a link to your attendance certificate. This is to ensure we receive the feedback we need to evaluate and improve our courses. Survey results are downloaded and stored anonymously.


Where no cost is indicated in the shopping trolley, no deposit is required. However, two or more non-attendances or late cancellations without good reason will be logged and may mean you cannot attend any further MSD training that term. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.