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This virtual MSD Skills workshop is for any member of MSD research staff thinking of becoming a PI. It will explore what it means to be a PI and the routes to becoming one.


Are you considering becoming a PI? What does it mean to be a PI and what are the routes to becoming one? This virtual workshop will include input from a medical sciences PI and a researcher who has recently obtained a fellowship. It will explore what is important for you, the funders and departments. They are all critical in enabling the transition from postdoc to research independence or to alternative successful careers. There is no single route to becoming a PI, so the session focuses on what you can do to create opportunities and increase your chances of becoming a PI.


COURSE objectives

  • Assess whether becoming a PI is the ideal choice for you
  • Think about possible ideas for research projects
  • Understand the perspective of host departments
  • Understand the perspective of potential funders
  • Start to formulate a plan for becoming a PI
  • Consider alternative careers options


You will need to have completed the short survey in advance of the workshop, link will be provided one week before the live session. 

Slides will be made available in the My Resources section after the course.

Try to make sure you have a good internet connection and uninterrupted time.




It is now a requirement that you complete the three short questions in the survey you receive after attending the course. Once you have submitted the survey, you will be sent an email with a link to your attendance certificate. This is to ensure we receive the feedback we need to evaluate and improve our courses. Survey results are downloaded and stored anonymously.


Where there is no cost in the shopping trolley, no deposit is required. However, more than two consecutive non-attendances or late cancellations without good reason will be logged and may mean you cannot attend any further MSD training that term. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.