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This half-day classroom based MSD Skills training course is suitable for all postgraduate research students and postdoctoral early career researchers using or planning to use CyTOF.


Suitable for absolute beginners this workshop provides an introduction to cell identification using flow and mass cytometry (CyTOF) with an overview of the technologies themselves, including a visit to the Helios within the Mass Cytometry facility, and interactive sessions where participants will design cytometry panels and interpret cytometry data.

By the end of this workshop participants will have a basic foundation in cytometry enabling them to interpret cytometric data and confidently consider cytometry as a potential research tool.


This course will take place as a workshop with presentations interspersed with interactive sessions.


1. Flow Cytometry Overview
2. Interactive session – Generate a flow cytometry panel to investigate specific cell types
3. Mass Cytometry Overview
4. Cell clustering and identification methods in CyTOF
5. Interactive session - Analyse and interpret flow cytometry and CyTOF data


Total course length is 3 hours (3 sections of 30 min lecture plus 2 interactive sessions of 30 mins).


 Maximum 24