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Suitable for MSD first year DPhil students (and some MSD MSc students)


This 2.5 hour interactive online MSD Skills Training course is most suitable for those in the first year of their research (DPhil or MSc).

This course helps students to understand the role of their supervisors, how to manage expectations and how to overcome any problems they might encounter. It also guides the students how to take control of their research.

course content

  • Establish a productive working relationship with your supervisor
  • Learn how to plan a deliverable research project

COURSE format

Interactive online live session.

You will need to be logged in via SSO to join the session.


You will need to:

  • a good internet connection and uninterrupted time.
  • send any specific queries/concerns/previous examples, to MSD Course Coordinator, who will forward it to the tutor(s) anonymously, for discussion during the interactive session.
  • follow the “Chatham House rule”.


This course has an automated communications workflow so all emails will be sent directly from the booking system (CoSY). Please make sure that these emails haven't ended up in your spam filter. You will need to read these emails carefully to make sure you understand the joining instructions for this course.