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Please note this course takes place over two days:

Workshop 1: 26th November

Workshop 2: 27th November


This 2-day course is aimed at those who would like to learn how to process and analyse RNA-Seq data. The course will include overview lectures and the majority of the time will be devoted to practical sessions to develop hands-on bioinformatics skills using example RNA-Seq datasets. The group size will be small to maximise interactions with the tutors. Emphasis will be on the need for careful evaluation of data and choosing and setting up an appropriate analysis model, as well as common pitfalls when using R to handle and analyse large-scale datasets.

Some basic familiarity with R and Unix command line will be helpful and the accompanying 'Introduction to R' course is recommended for those who have not used R before. Alternatively, please see for suitable online courses that can be completed in advance ('The Unix Shell' and 'Programming with R' modules).

Attendees will need to bring their own laptop with the R software ( and RStudio interface ( installed, and have an Eduroam account (

Places available