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This half day classroom based MSD Skills training course is suitable for all postgraduate research students and early career researchers wanting to analyse and compare their biological data using model fitting. No prior statistical knowledge is required.


The course contains four sections:

1. Examples of biological data where model fitting is useful.

2. How to fit biological data to models (including how to assess the quality of a fit, the effects of noise, and the effects of incomplete data).

3. How to compare two data sets using model fitting.

4. Case studies and analysis of your own data.

Sections 1-3 (above) will begin with a lecture followed by a live demonstration in Prism. Participants will then use Prism to carry out exercises themselves. In the last section, participants will analyse three case studies and/or their own data. Instructors will be available throughout the workshop for assistance.



The total course length is 2 hours (3 sections that include a 15 minute lecture & 15 minute practical plus 30 minutes of case study analysis). The tutor also offers a tutorial style period at the end of the session for students to obtain personal help.



Maximum 40