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Fadi Issa


  • Clinician Scientist
  • Clinical Lecturer in Plastic Surgery

I am a researcher and plastic surgery trainee based in the Transplantation Research Immunology Group (TRIG) and the John Radcliffe Hospital respectively.  I qualified in Medicine from the University of Oxford and completed my DPhil at the Nuffield Department of Surgery. My research interests are focused on manipulating the immune system with a view to improving outcomes after vascularised composite allograft (VCA) transplantation.

VCA transplantation has revolutionised the treatment of difficult reconstructive problems such as limb amputations and complex facial injuries.  Patients who have benefited from VCA transplants, such as hand transplants, have gained both excellent aesthetic and functional outcomes.  However, the principal challenge in VCA transplantation is the susceptibility of the skin to rejection. Methods of preventing the immune system from damaging skin are therefore critical to improving outcomes.  A successful therapy that addresses skin rejection would also have wide ranging implications, including for patients who require skin grafting after extensive burn injury.  In particular I am interested in pre-clinical translational models that allow for the investigation of skin rejection and potential therapies. My work forms part of a number of successful collaborative studies with other members of TRIG, the NDS and the Oxford Transplant Centre.

Previously I have been funded by the Wellcome Trust, the Royal College of Surgeons Dunhill Medical Trust and the Oxford Health Services Research Committee, and I am currently the Duke of Kent Fellow at Restore and NIHR Clinical Lecturer.  I am a member of the Basic Science Committee of the TTS and am keen to promote research to junior clinicians.  I am also an enthusiastic teacher, and am Retained Lecturer in Anatomy at Exeter College.

If you are interested in research in plastic surgery, please get in touch!


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