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Oxford has an outstanding record in academic gastroenterology from the early clinical studies of Sidney Truelove to pioneering genetic analyses by Derek Jewell. Today gastroenterology brings together scientists working in basic and clinical research with the objective of translating mechanistic insight into novel diagnostics and treatments for digestive diseases including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), liver disease and cancer.

There are internationally renowned groups working in the area of intestinal and liver inflammation, genetic analysis of early onset paediatric IBD, cellular and molecular basis of innate and adaptive immunity, host pathogen interactions and cancer cell biology. Translational studies include immune monitoring in genetically and clinically defined disease cohorts, vaccines and novel anti-inflammatory drugs.  Research groups are housed in the Translational Gastroenterology Unit in the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, the Peter Medawar Building for Pathogen Research and the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics. Basic and clinical researchers meet regularly through the monthly Translational Gastroenterology Unit seminar series. There are also strong links with immunology and inflammation research in Oxford.

Supervisors in Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Rachael Bashford-Rogers

Daniele Biasci

Group Leader (Innovation Investigator track) in A-TAP Data Science

James Buchanan

Senior Researcher

Mark Coles

Professor of Immunology

Kevin Foster

Professor of Evolutionary Biology

Peter Friend

Professor of Transplantation

Astrid Iversen

Professor of Virology and Immunology

Paul Johnson

Director of Oxford Islet Isolation and Islet Transplant Programmes and ...

Paul Klenerman

Sidney Truelove Professor of Gastroenterology

Yang Luo

KTRR Senior Research Fellow in Data Science

Peter McCulloch

Professor of Surgical Science and Practice

Peter Sullivan

Emeritus Professor in Paediatric Gastroenterology

Holm Uhlig

Professor of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Group Head / PI and Hon Consultant ...

Nicole Zitzmann

Professor of Virology & Director of Glycobiology Inst