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We suggest that you use the check-list below when preparing an application.

1. Check Entry Requirements

As well as fulfilling the academic entry requirements, all applicants are required to sit the BioMedical Sciences Admissions Test (BMSAT) in October of the year of application.

2. Attend an Open Day

We strongly recommend that you attend an open day for Biomedical Sciences (you do not need to book, just turn up!). Staff and students will be on hand to answer all your questions.

We offer three dates per year - you will find further information on our open days page.

3. Funding

How much will it cost? Information on course fees (not payable by those eligible for UK Government support) and general living costs can be found on the student funding website.

What is my fee status? It is extremely important that you are clear on your fee status (Home or Overseas), although this will not affect your application. Do consult the advice posted by the UK Council for International Student Affairs, which provides a checklist covering information that we may ask you for when deciding on your status. Any applicant unsure of their status should check the University’s statement on determining status for fees purposes.

Are there any scholarships? For more information about student finance matters, and to undertake a full funding search, please see the student funding website.

The following website may also be of interest:

4. Register for the BMSAT

All applicants to Biomedical Sciences at Oxford must register for and sit the BioMedical Sciences Admissions Test (BMSAT). 

Applicants can register for the BMSAT from 14 August 2024; the standard entry closing date is 4 October 2024.

5. Choose a college

Look at our page on colleges and the University guidance on colleges.

You can choose a college if you want to, BUT you do not have to! You can in fact submit an open application to the University. Around 20% of applicants to Oxford choose to do this. In any case, you can be assured that our admissions process strives to admit the best candidates irrespective of choice of college on the UCAS form. All colleges are strong academically, and your course (lectures, practicals, seminars, etc) will be the same regardless of the college you are a member of.

6. Complete a UCAS application form

The deadline for submission of UCAS applications is 15 October (see the UCAS website). Applications submitted to UCAS past the 15 October deadline cannot be considered by Oxford.

Please ensure that you give your complete educational history, including all qualifications and grades obtained going as far back as GCSEs or GCSE-equivalent qualifications. In order to properly assess an application, it is essential that an applicant presents our tutors with a full educational record to date outlined clearly on the UCAS form, including qualification types and grades.

When writing your personal statement, think about our selection criteria and read our advice on personal statements.

Do allow sufficient time for your referee to complete his/her section. Applications received late will not normally be considered.