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The Biomedical Sciences course welcomes applications from students of all nationalities and backgrounds. For 2024 entry, just over a quarter of our places were awarded to students offering qualifications other than A-levels, and a large proportion of this group were based in schools and colleges outside the United Kingdom.

The application process is the same for all candidates, and there is no quota for international students.


All applications to universities in the UK are made through a central service called UCAS and not directly to individual universities. Applications are made entirely online. Applications for entry in October 2025 will need to be submitted by 15 October 2024.

In order to properly assess applications, it is essential that all applicants provide their full educational history on the UCAS form including qualification types and grades.

A lack of information on qualifications has the potential to decrease your chances of success if tutors are not given a full opportunity to assess your true academic ability. For short-listing purposes we need a measure by which applicants may be compared on a like-for-like basis (as far as this can be achieved), and one of the pieces of information we can use is performance in general school examinations. Failure to provide a full record may therefore mean that your application cannot be given the serious consideration it may otherwise deserve.


See our page on academic entry requirements.

International candidates offer a wide and diverse range of qualification types. Some qualifications may not be sufficient for an application to be considered; we strongly recommend that you look carefully at the University's general guidance on international qualifications to check that you are  eligible to apply.

If you are not currently eligible to apply, you will need to supplement your existing qualifications with further study if you wish to pursue an application for Biomedical Sciences. The University of Oxford does not offer Foundation or Access programmes, but there are other providers that may be able to help you to reach our entry level. Additionally advice on taking A-levels or the IB can be obtained respectively from your local British Council or the International Baccalaureate Organisation.

Please note that, whatever your qualifications, we would expect a strong academic track record in at least two from Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. It is desirable for one of these two subjects to be Mathematics or Physics.