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What is Accounts Payable (AP)?

Accounts payable (AP), or "payables," refer to a company's short-term obligations owed to its creditors or suppliers, which have not yet been paid

Wherever possible we ask that a purchase order is raised before the invoice is issued. This helps with planning and budgeting, and avoids retrospective purchase orders.

Invoices relating to a purchase order should be sent to the MSD finance team to process. Please let us know if the payment is urgent so we can change the payment terms when processing the invoice.

Blanket order invoices

Please check the invoice is correct before sending to the finance team to process. The invoice will be matched to the current open blanket order. We usually have blanket orders that run from August to July to coincide with the University financial year, however, the blanket order can end to coincide with the expected duration of the costs, or when the project/grant is due to end. If you regularly purchasing from a set supplier we encourage you to either request it or raise blanket PO. 

Salary recharges invoices 

These should be sent to the finance team for processing along with the purchase order number; if applicable. Some of these costs are known as outside Oxford Costs and do not require a purchase order, however, we need an authorised member of the research team to approve the payment and to provide the code to charge it against. 

If you have any questions relating to paying an invoice please contact the MSD finance team.


When it is not possible or practical to order via the standard purchasing process a University Barclaycard can be used. This will typically be limited to low value spend, for example conference bookings or internet purchases where justified as the most appropriate supplier. For small one-off purchases, it may be more appropriate to use a credit card than to set up a supplier on Oracle Financials.

If an individual holds a University Barclaycard, expenditure should be in line with the expenses principles. The credit card should only be used when it is not possible or practical for the University to pay directly.

For use of the MSD credit card please seek approval from Edwin Kiarie. Providing a suitable explanation as to why this cannot be purchased via alternative payment methods. 

Once the purchase has been made please obtain a copy of the receipt and forward onto Sara Massey. Please provide the GL code/project it should be charged to.