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Before incurring an expense, careful consideration should be given to whether the University can pay directly. The University does not expect staff to pay for goods or services on its behalf where it can pay directly.

Expenses incurred by an individual on behalf of the University must be in accordance with the principles set out in the Expenses Policy:

  1. Value for money is achieved

  2. The University cannot pay directly. 

  3. Costs incurred are for business purposes only, and the individual receives no personal benefit

  4. Evidence required.

See the expenses process on the University Finance Division's webpages.

Making a claim

There are two ways to submit a claim for university staff and students:

  • Claims should be submitted via SAP Concur eExpenses 

    • Staff and postgraduate students: set up in the system when they join the University

    • Undergraduates: their departmental or college finance or admin team should complete an online service request form for them to be set up in eExpenses if they need to claim

  • Some items that form a taxable benefit need to be paid via payroll.

See further guidance on how to claim on the University Finance Division's webpages.

Here are some helpful hints and tips for using the eExpenses system for claimants and approvers.

There is also some extra information for medical students/ACLs.

The way to claim expenses for an external member of the University:

If you are seeking reimbursement of allowed expenses, as detailed in the University’s Expenses Policy and Claimant’s guide and are NOT an employee or student for the University. Please use external expense claim form. Generally, claims should be made within three months of the expense being incurred and should be accompanied by supporting documents or receipts.