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Patrick Hall

Managing Director, Designing Science Ltd Patrick Hall (circle)

Patrick Hall has over 30 years of experience in product design, working for consultancies such as Maddison (where he was Development Director) and IDEO. He has worked in a broad range of industries including medical devices, life sciences, FMCG, business electronics and industrial products.

Patrick has a deep understanding of how products are transformed from ideas into reality and how to limit technical risks. He acts as a panel member on university innovation clinics and often speaks at conferences and exhibitions on subjects such as optimising development strategies and user-focused design.

Designing Science Ltd is a product design company specialising in medical technology innovation. Our clients are typically universities and start-ups developing new kinds of medical device, so our projects generally entail significant technical risk. We engage in proof-of-concept testing to mitigate this risk in a way which is direct and low-cost, so that we make the best of clients’ time and budget. Our design philosophy is based on user-centred design, understanding user needs and testing solutions with representative users throughout the design process. We carry out user research to identify these needs and the particular requirements of the environment of use. We then review and test product concepts and prototypes with representative users to ensure that the solutions we devise will meet those needs before finalising a manufacturing specification and putting in place a supply chain.

We work within a regulated environment producing documents for inclusion in our clients’ technical files. These might include risk management, user research records, product specifications and manufacturing specification documentation.

Patrick can advise on:

  • Product design (particularly related to medical devices)
  • Project planning
  • Usability
  • Technical risk
  • Design thinking

 Please contact the Translational Research Office to arrange a meeting.