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Patrick Hall

Managing Director, Designing Science Ltd Patrick Hall (circle)

Patrick Hall has over 30 years of experience in product design, working for consultancies such as Maddison (where he was Development Director) and IDEO. He has worked in a broad range of industries including medical devices, life sciences, FMCG, business electronics and industrial products.

Patrick has a deep understanding of how products are transformed from ideas into reality and how to limit technical risks. He acts as a panel member on university innovation clinics and often speaks at conferences and exhibitions on subjects such as optimising development strategies and user-focused design.

Designing Science Ltd is a product design company specialising in medical technology innovation. Our clients are typically universities and start-ups developing new kinds of medical device, so our projects generally entail significant technical risk. We engage in proof-of-concept testing to mitigate this risk in a way which is direct and low-cost, so that we make the best of clients’ time and budget. Our design philosophy is based on user-centred design, understanding user needs and testing solutions with representative users throughout the design process. We carry out user research to identify these needs and the particular requirements of the environment of use. We then review and test product concepts and prototypes with representative users to ensure that the solutions we devise will meet those needs before finalising a manufacturing specification and putting in place a supply chain.

We work within a regulated environment producing documents for inclusion in our clients’ technical files. These might include risk management, user research records, product specifications and manufacturing specification documentation.

Patrick can advise on:

  • Product design (particularly related to medical devices)
  • Project planning
  • Usability
  • Technical risk
  • Design thinking

Kerry Briggs

Head of Medical, Kinneir DufortKerry Briggs.PNG

Kerry leads the Medical Sector at Kinneir Dufort, a product development consultancy based in Bristol. She studied Product Design Engineering at The University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art, with her Master’s project focusing on a dental device. Kerry has 15 years of product development experience in the Medical sector. Her career started at Olympus Surgical Technologies, where she worked both as a design engineer and project manager. She has worked on a number of products from initial concept stages through to launch and has a wealth of knowledge of the challenges of getting a product to market.

Kerry’s role at KD is to drive growth by working cross-functionally across all expertise teams. Her job is to understand the challenges her clients are facing and help them figure out how to solve them. She has a reputation as someone who can get things done. Her clients include an interesting mixture of small start ups who are developing their first products alongside a number of Big Pharma and Medtech partners. A product design engineer by training, she ensures the user is always considered in the design. Kerry is passionate about promoting equality within the engineering/design sector and enjoys her role as a mentor in Kerning the Gap

Kerry can advise on:

  • Getting medical devices to market
  • Developing clear device requirements
  • Project Management including how to balance progress with budgets
  • User Centered Design
  • Business Development

James Holmes 

Head of Electronics & Software, Kinneir DufortJames Holmes.PNG

James has over 13 years experience developing technology solutions. James has a PhD in the field of miniaturising power electronics and has worked on a wide range of products from medical devices to autonomous robotics.

James has specific experience in the field of medical device development, and has been involved in the electronics and software development for several diagnostics platforms, drug delivery systems and treatment products solving challenges ranging from signal acquisition, analysis and processing to data storage and device connectivity. James has a depth of experience developing solutions to meet medical regulatory standards and IEC 60601 and IEC 62304 in particular.

James can advise on:

  • Technology research and development
  • Commercialisation of electronic products
  • Software as a Medical Device
  • Medical Device Development

Rouzet Agaiby

Head of Business Development at eg technologyRouzet Agaiby.PNG

Rouzet is the head of business development at eg technology. She has a diverse engineering background in electronics, signal processing and a PhD in semiconductor technology. Her background spans both technical and commercial roles. Rouzet holds an MBA from Manchester Alliance Business School and a Global Management certificate from INSEAD. She helps clients to articulate their ideas and understand the processes involved in taking these ideas and turning them into real, marketable products. She works closely with the engineering teams (software, electronics, mechanical and industrial design) to deliver projects on time and within budget. Combining excellent communication skills with engineering know-how really enables her to support clients through each step of the process to ensure the best possible outcome for them.

She is also responsible for developing business opportunities in new and existing markets. She works closely with marketing and sales to plan and deliver a business development and marketing strategy that underpins the growth of eg technology.

Rouzet can advise on:

  • Human factors and usability
  • User centred design
  • Utilising prototyping to get to a good product
  • Product development and considerations for scale-up
  • Routes to progress translational projects
  • Career development for early career researchers


 Please contact the Translational Research Office to arrange a meeting.

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