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MSD’s Preparing for Learning and Teaching at Oxford (PLTO) has changed! You have the choice of attending specific teaching streams – ‘Taught Masters’, ‘Tutorials’, and ‘Supervision’.

PLTO Taught Masters and PLTO Tutorials live sessions are now available to book. For those who book now, the link to core content in Canvas will be emailed to you during the week commencing 18 October.


PLTO now consists of Part 1: Core content, and Part 2: Stream-specific materials and live session. You need to complete both parts to meet the University’s teaching requirements and gain an attendance certificate.

Core content and stream-specific materials are self-directed learning in Canvas which must be completed prior to the stream-specific live session.

If you have completed PLTO for one stream (e.g., ‘Taught Masters’), you are welcome to subsequently book onto the other stream (e.g., ‘Tutorials’), if both are relevant to the types of teaching you wish to undertake at Oxford.

Here are the dates we have scheduled so far for next term. These are live for booking, and each instance will have its own course page in the MSD Skills training calendar.

To book on Taught Masters on 1 November click here

To book on Taught Masters on 8 November click here 

To book on Tutorials on 12 November click here

To book on Tutorials on 19 November click here 

Supervision 18 November - further info to follow

Please note: due to restricted access to training venues in MSD, all MT21 live sessions will be held online. We hope to run face-to-face live training again in HT22.


Our PLTO tutors have reviewed the feedback from the sessions held online and found the following:

  • Working through preparation materials in Canvas has ensured greater engagement and interactivity in the live sessions.
  • Most participants in live sessions wanted to focus on tutorial teaching OR taught Masters’ teaching, but not both.


Part 1:

The core content is relevant to each stream of PLTO and cover teaching opportunities at Oxford, evidence-based principles of learning, diversity and inclusivity, welfare and wellbeing, feedback to students, evaluating your teaching, and further teacher training available. It is held in Canvas, and you should complete it no later than two weeks before your specific live session. Completion is recorded in the system based on passing the brief quiz at the end of the core content. This can be taken as many times as needed to secure a pass.

Part 2a:

Once you have completed Part 1, you will be able to access the preparation materials in Canvas relevant to your stream. These are brief and will help you get the most out of your live session.

Part 2b:

Provided you have completed Part 1, you will be sent the joining instructions for your stream specific live session by the booking system, CoSy. Once your attendance on the live session has been confirmed, you will receive an attendance certificate.


1. Book onto a live session for your chosen stream via the MSD Skills calendar.

  • Once you have booked on your chosen live session, you will receive a self-enrolment link for Part 1 in Canvas in the automated booking confirmation email.
  • Please note that you will need to give yourself time to work through Part 1 in advance of your live session.

2, Complete Part 1 in Canvas.

  • There is approximately 2-3 hours’ worth of content you will need to work through. This content will be revisited in the stream-specific perspective in the live session.
  • You may be sent a reminder before the live session to complete Part 1. If you have not completed Part 1 closer to the live session date, and there is a waiting list, your place may be cancelled and released for those on the waiting list.

3. Go through the stream-specific Part 2(a) materials in Canvas before the live session.

  • Once you have completed Part 1, you can access Part 2a 'preparation materials'. These are brief and may involve preparing some work in advance of the live session.
  • You will receive the joining instructions for the live session via the four- and one-day reminder emails.

4. Attend Part 2(b), the live session.

  • Attendance certificate is issued once you have completed the live session and filled out the brief feedback survey.

Any questions? Please contact


Advancing teaching and learning (ATL):

The ATL programme is designed for those who have sustained teaching experience (i.e., teaching more than a just a few sessions) and have completed PLTO, and wish to develop their teaching or learning support practice in higher education. It is open to DPhil students, postdoctoral and early career researchers, amongst others. It is run by the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL). Further information can be found on this link.

Large group and lecturing:

This series of live workshops will introduce you to the principles and practice of effective lecturing and small group teaching and how to engage students, develop critical thinking and enhance their learning. It is run by MSD Skills training and scheduled dates will be advertised in the MSD Skills training calendar.

Specific teacher training available in MSD departments:

Biochemistry PLTO – An alternative PLTO course is run in the Department of Biochemistry and is compulsory for all wishing to teach within this department. If you are interested in attending the Biochemistry course, please email

Preparing for Teaching in Psychology (PTP) – Experimental Psychology runs this subject-specific form of PLTO twice a year. For further information, please email