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Graduate School Welcome Events is aimed at students commencing their postgraduate studies in Michaelmas term.

The event provides opportunity to hear from the Graduate School Director, the Director of Skills Training, representatives of a variety of Oxford’s own initiatives as well as current graduate students. New students will also have a chance to visit information stands hosted by representatives of a number of services provided by the University as well as take first advantage of networking opportunity over drinks and nibbles.


Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions for course booking and attendance.


Experimental Design: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly - 6 March 2019

When science goes bad - A look at Scientific misconduct (and how to avoid it) - TBC

An Introduction to Cytometry: Practical and analytical skills for Flow and Mass Cytometry (CyTOF) - TBC

Designing Reproducible research: Clinical Science - TBC


Upcoming events