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Sign up for IDEA’s Engaging with Entrepreneurship Programme to gain practical experience, learn transferable skills for the workplace, and access entrepreneurial training and funding opportunities.

Whether you are looking to demonstrate your professional development or build your career, Engaging with Entrepreneurship will help you find the path that works best for you. This curated programme offers a selection of activities and opportunities relating to entrepreneurship within Oxfordshire, with distinct pathways for participants to follow. 


The Engaging with Entrepreneurship programme will help you:


  • Identify employability opportunities
  • Undertake training to support your professional journey
  • Learn about and undertake the essential activities needed for setting up a new business
  • Prepare for key business activities, including pitches to investors.

participant numbers

No limit. Open throughout the academic year (close end of Trinity Term).

how it will work

Being part of Engaging with Entrepreneurship will help you to develop valuable business, tech-related, and creative skills through both expert-led and self-directed activities. Through the programme, you can discover, complete, and track activities from a variety of providers across the University of Oxford and beyond. You will be able to develop a permanent record of training for your CV and achieve badges that you can feature on your LinkedIn profile.


You can sign up for activities including:

  • Workshops from a range of providers at the University of Oxford
  • Dedicated programmes focusing on employability and entrepreneurial experience, such as boardroom experience and mentoring programmes
  • Funding and pitching competitions within the University of Oxford
  • Self-directed online training offered by a range of platforms including LinkedIn Learning.

what you will need

  • Access Inkpath using the mobile app (through Google or Apple) or on the web (
  • Click on Sign up (unless you already have a University of Oxford Inkpath account)
  • Click on ‘Choose Your Organisation’ à Choose ‘University of Oxford’
  • Provide your University of Oxford email address. This is a requirement to sign up with the Engaging with Entrepreneurship Programme. 
  • Make sure you read and accept Inkpath’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before signing-up.
  • You cannot currently use the “Single-Sign-On” option at the University of Oxford.
  • Tell us about your programme, department or area of the University of Oxford, and when you started at the University of Oxford. For students, add the start year of your degree programme. For staff, add the start year of your employment contract with the university.
  • Click on ‘My Affiliations’ (you may need to scroll down) -> ‘Add an Affiliation’ and -> Choose ‘IDEA Programme’ in the ‘Organisation’.

please note

This course is not provided by MSD Skills. If you have any queries, please contact the IDEA team on